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Rowland’s Laws

Sayings, thoughts, quotes, and stupid things I’ve thought up over the years.

Random Thoughts

A collections of blog posts, thoughts, and ideas. Some of them might be interesting, some might not, but they’re all collected right here. Check them out.

The Journals of Jack Winslow

Jack Winslow was taken from Earth to a strange, extra-terrestrial space called “the ship”. Too curious to be afraid, Jack explores the ship and catalogues his discoveries in his journals. Surrounded by different species from all over the galaxy, Jack learns more about the ship than anyone has ever reported, but not all of it is safe.
New stories are published every other Monday. Read them here!

About Me

Who am I? I’m Sean Rowland. Sometimes I write things, and I might as well let people read them. Here’s where you can learn more about me, find out how to contact me, and even see my ugly mug.
Click at your own risk, I suppose.

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