Yay, Kids…

I’m in pain. I have a headache, my throat hurts, and my eyes are constantly burning. I’m too tired to be awake, but I’m in too much pain to sleep, and even if sleep were an option, I’m at work. My “office” is a manufacturing bay in an open warehouse, so I’m not sleeping here.

Why did this happen? What cataclysmic even could have left me so shaken and bruised? Did I stay up way too late last night reading Conan? Was there some movie on TV that I just had to finish? What about a car accident? Was I beaten or struck in some way? Was I taken up into the third heaven, shown secrets inconceivable to the minds of humans and angels? Am I hung over?

No, none of those. Instead, my 4-year old and 2-year old decided to wake up at 2 am and play in the living room. I got them back to sleep, but had to get up for work two hours later.

I love my kids, but I think they’re trying to kill me…

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